Sera Raffy I Nature 100ml

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Sera Raffy I Nature are tasty bites without dyes and preservatives for water turtles and other (occasional) carnivores smaller reptiles and amphibians. They consist of natural, gently dried gammarus shrimp (87%), small fish and krill. This mixture, which corresponds to the natural range of nutrition, is rich in excellently utilized proteins, omega fatty acids, valuable carotenoids, minerals and trace elements, as well as stabilizing substances that regulate the digestive system. This tempting snack supports disease resistance, growth and vitality when supplemented on a regular basis.  ...More

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This food is one of the products of the "sera Nature" series. It does not contain any dyes or preservatives, since the colors of the various types of food come from their natural ingredients. The versatile diet with ingredients similar to those of the natural diet guarantees the best protection against the symptoms of nutritional deficiency and supports the health and vitality of the reptiles. That is why Nature foods also contain natural ingredients, such as e.g. Spirulina, gammarus or herbs and flowers, which have been dried by a gentle process. The logos on the front of the package indicate these ingredients and their percentage in the food.


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