Frozen Worm Pinkies 1L

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Αγνωστος κατασκευαστής

Pinkies maggot is the larva of the green fly (Phaenicia sericata). The four stages of this insect are: fly – egg – larva – pupa. This fly is known to be about 10 to 14 mm long and can be identified by its metallic blue-green or gold color with black markings on the back. Pinkies are bred on fresh industrial by-products and are strictly monitored by public authorities . It is ideal food for a wide variety of animals, birds and reptiles.  ...More

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Analysis per 100gr:
Water 69.6 gr
protein 15.4gr
fat 11.3 gr
carbohydrates 2.1 gr
raw ash 1.6 gr
calcium 20mg
phosphorus 205mg
ca/p ratio 0.09:1
iron 1.18mg


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