Thermo Hygrometer Mini... Thermo Hygrometer Mini... 2
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€36.00 45.59
Mini thermometer and hygrometer, to transfer the data to the mobile phone via Bluetooth.Range up to 50 meters
Exo Terra Pandanus
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Exo Terra Pandanus

€34.00 40.71
The Exo Terra Pandanus is a very naturalistic plant, ideal for a tropical terrarium. The overlapping leaves provide a protected resting place for tree frogs, geckos and other forest dwellers.
Lucky Reptile Thermo MAT... Lucky Reptile Thermo MAT... 2
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€26.30 52.50
These heat mats fulfill all reptile desires. They are waterproof and have extra insulation for protection, making the Thermo Mat PRO great for use in wet environments. A special heat conductor ensures uniform surface heat. In addition, the thermal layer has a special overheating protector that deactivates the thermal layer in case of very high...
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